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Dr. Debashis Chakraborty

Department of Chemistry, IITM

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Debashis Chakraborty joined the Department of Chemistry, IIT – Madras in 2005 after the rigourous post – doctoral and industrial experience. He is an organometallic chemist and his research focusses upon catalyst development for polymer synthesis and homogeneous catalysis, activation of water and CO2

Research Interests

- Organometallic Chemistry for Polymer Synthesis and Catalysis

- Homogeneous Catalysis

- CO2 Sequestration, Chemical Process Development and Heterogeneous Catalysis

In my independent career as an Academic Faculty, I have worked in a variety of research areas which include the applications of organometallic compounds of main-group and transition metals and simple metal salts as suitable catalysts.


Iodine and alkali metal alkoxides: A simple and versatile catalyst system for fully alternating polyesters synthesis from phthalic anhydride and epoxides (2022)

Decolorization and degradation of reactive orange 16 by Bacillus stratosphericus SCA1007 (2022)

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